On 9/23/07, Joerg Bornkessel <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > I love Extrecmenu plugin, in fact I'll love to see all of its features
> > on vanilla vdr.
> Use this patch up from vdr-1.5.6
> http://overlays.gentoo.org/proj/vdr/browser/vdr-1.5/media-plugins/vdr-extrecmenu/files/0.13/vdr-extrecmenu-0.13_vdr-1.5.4.diff
> But this is only a dirty compile fix, you will miss then all spezial
> source included pixelfonts, like symbol for Rec etc.
> For this you will get only a empty sqare :(
> I dont test the patch to replace the vdr original menu, we dont use it on
> gentoo.
Thank you, I tested and it work just fine, I'll miss the symbols for
now, but been available of moving recordings around and showing
directories first, is something that make my very happy.

Again thanks.
Carlos Javier
Habana, CUBA

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