There is a new version of the 'Spider Arachnid' plug-in.

Download: http://toms-cafe.de/vdr/spider/vdr-spider-0.2.0.tgz

Changes since version 0.1.4:
- Renamed *.c files to C++ suffix *.cpp.
- Added namespaces.
- Added gettext support (VDR >= 1.5.7).
- Resume the last game.
- Customizable width and height.
- OSD error compensation (shrink width/height or reduce colors).
- Added setup option to hide the top row.
- Set normal variation (two decks and 10 piles) as standard,
  together with "shrink height" and "hide top row".
- Added user-defined variations.
- Improved key handling.
- Updated German language texts.

'Spider Arachnid' is an implementation of the best patience game played
on the On Screen Display of the VDR. See the project's homepage for
details: http://www.toms-cafe.de/vdr/spider


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