JJussi wrote:
> On Sunday, 30. Septemberta 2007 10:35:07 Stone wrote:
>> Since the recording is scheduled, I would assume the user has room on the
>> disk (so disk space usage is not really the problem).  The only problem I
>> can see is that you might get a blank recording if the signal goes out (and
>> you think its recorded but its not).  So, perhaps vdr should NOT do a
>> emergency exit, but instead, just mark the recording as possible
>> incomplete?
> How about, when there is no stream - no writing to HD.. OK, if there is 15 
> minutes break middle of stream, then recording "jump" those 15 minutes during 
> playback.
> OR when no stream, in a recording there is recorded (in a picture) word "no 
> stream", static picture takes little space and who is watching knows that 
> what has happend!

Static picture is a good idea! The timeline would be correct (sometimes
it matters), it would clearly state that there is problem with the
stream and it does not take too much space from HD.

Br, Pasi

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