On Mon, 2007-10-01 at 08:02 +0200, Tony Grant wrote:
> > I'm in the throws of buying an EPIA SP8000EG or SP13000 with the
> > mpeg2/4 accelerator.  Has anyone had experience with these and 16:9
> > through x-windows?
> I have the older M10000 CLE266 and picture quality on VGA out is good.
> I
> am at 1440x900. MPEG2 is hardware decompressed and MPEG4 is
> accelerated on the SP series. 

I see some banding and pixelization when using the hw mpeg2 decoding on
a cle266. Do you see similar things? 

This is with dvb-t material, so it might be due to low bitrate
transmissions, but my suspicion is that the scaler is using only 8bit


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