Le mardi 02 octobre 2007 à 08:48 +0200, Ondrej Wisniewski a écrit :

> How did you enable the MPEG2 decoder? I enabled the xxmc option in xine 
> (xvmc caused crashes). Are there other ways?

xxmc is the correct way - I have a desktop launcher shell script to
start xine with options -V xxmc -fg

If I want to watch a DVD I use the button on the controller to switch
from VDR to DVD.

> CPU utilization here is at around 25% during DVD playback on an 
> EPIA-M10000.

This depends on Xorg version, kernel version... We had a long thread
with Xavier and Thomas trying to track down the causes last year.

My hand compiled openchrome driver was getting 10-15% but with out of
the box as supplied by Fedora Core 6 I am seeing around 25% too. Which
isn't bad because evolution and spamassassin don't make the video
stutter when running in the background.

Live TV (DVB-S) will run between 20-35%




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