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> Hi,
> Klaus want to have FTA channel with DVBsubtitles.
> A have 2 messages:
> good message: channel CT24 have it during news session (19:00-19:30) and many 
> other times
> bad message: Transponder is Astra3A at 23.5E (12525/V SR:27500 FEC:3/4 
> SID:8006 VPID:165 APID:100) Transponder on Astra 19.2E don't contain DVB 
> subtitles.

Thanks. "TV5 Monde" on Astra 19.2E also broadcasts FTA and with occasional 

TV5MONDE EUROPE;TV5MONDE:11597:vC56:S19.2E:22000:45:46:3602:0:10060:1:1026:0

I'm almost done with subtitle support. During the past few weekends the
weather was just too nice to work too much on VDR... ;-)


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