I've published version 0.1.0 of the OSDServer plugin.

OSDServer is a plugin that allows external programs to use the OSD and 
the menu system of VDR. Access is done via TCP/IP and a simple script 
language that is primarily designed to be handled by perl programs and 
shell scripts. Until now, interactive VDR extensions were only available 
to C++ coders, but with this plugin, script coders can use the OSD too.

Version 0.1.0 mainly wraps up bug fixes since 0.0.2, and should now be 
stable enough for regular use. It also adds support for local variable 
contexts, a _Focus pseudo variable to access the current top menu, 
supports an osdserverhosts.conf and allows to configure the port number.

Feedback on problems and improvement suggestions are of course welcome.

Download and sample:



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