On 10/09/2007 08:23 AM, Torsten Kunkel wrote:
> Hi,
> while working on a patch I noticed a small problem creating such a patch
> with the "new" translation.
> When adding new translations, you have to call "make i18n" in order to get
> the translation generated to the gettext-files, but when doing this, all
> linenumbers get updated.
> The diff looks like this (just an example):
> x--x--x--x--x
>  [...]
> -#: keys.c:63
> +#: keys.c:64
>  msgid "Key$User6"
>  msgstr "Benutzer6"
> ...
> x--x--x--x--x
> Because of this, a patch of about 5kb will have about 150kb because of
> these changes.
> What is the best way to avoid this?
> The only way I can think of is to generate the files with "make i18n" and
> then copy the new parts to a temporary file, after this discard the
> generated files, copy over the orignal ones and add the changes from the
> temp-file to them.
> But this much more work than just running diff.
> Is there a better way to do a diff with new/changed translations?

I've noticed this, too, and will make it so that the line numbers will
no longer be added to the *.po files by using the --no-location option.


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