I recommend the Vomp plugin. I have been using this for standard definition TV 
for some time now. It is highly stable and hardly ever requires restarting. I 
can confirm it has WAF.
  It supports automatic scart switching and WSS via scart. WSS is also 
available via line 21 PAL if you are not using scart (I cannot confirm if WSS 
is supported under NTSC). It supports RGB, s-video or composite video.
  Vomp requires a Hauppauge MediaMVP set top box. The RGB output on these have 
sync-on-green which can cause problems with some Sony Bravia LCD televisions.
  Vomp has its own menu system and OSD so there is no access to the VDR osd or 
plugin menus. To access the VDR osd and plugin menus you can use Vomp with any 
other display system such as ncurses. I use the Xine plugin to access the 
epgsearch plugin.

Kartsa <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
  I am always having some problems like stuttering with FF card and now 
restart problems with DXR card (sometimes while in menu vdr stops and 
restarts) and thus I would like to have oppinions and suggestions. And 
also information.

Therefore these two questions:
1. In which different video output methods is WSS signal carried out? I 
know it comes out from FF card and AVS7170 based DXR card but how about 
2. And what would be the best output method?


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