I agree, I have 3 Mvp's, and the setup works well, although the  
latest boxes create problems if they're reset too quickly.  There are  
some patches in the latest CVS which fix the problem if VDR can't  
play a stream (without the patch, VOMP just appears to go to sleep).   
My main desire would be the ability to change audio language.  At the  
moment I have to manually hack the channels.conf file to put my  
preferred language first and then set VDR to not update pids.

The picture quality is better than my Dreambox on Scart.  Obviously  
no HD playback, but then my setup can't handle that yet anyway.

On 12 Oct 2007, at 22:34, Kartsa wrote:

> VOMP plugin is actually quite good and I have been using it with my
> "second" TV in the bedroom. One of the best thigs about it is that  
> it's
> so small :)
> The problem is it does not support subtitling which is a must in  
> Finland
> (I forgot to add that in my original post).
> How about the other MediaMVP related output methods (MediaMVP Plugin,
> MVPServer, MVPVdr). Do they support subtitles?
> \\Kartsa
> db kirjoitti:

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