Haven't anyone got any experience in these other MediaMVP based 
solutions? I have been thinking to test MVPVdr but haven't had the time 
and if someone else has some knowledge allready I would be most 
interested in hearing.

Rob Davis kirjoitti:
> I agree, I have 3 Mvp's, and the setup works well, although the  
> latest boxes create problems if they're reset too quickly.  There are  
> some patches in the latest CVS which fix the problem if VDR can't  
> play a stream (without the patch, VOMP just appears to go to sleep).   
> My main desire would be the ability to change audio language.  At the  
> moment I have to manually hack the channels.conf file to put my  
> preferred language first and then set VDR to not update pids.
> The picture quality is better than my Dreambox on Scart.  Obviously  
> no HD playback, but then my setup can't handle that yet anyway.
> On 12 Oct 2007, at 22:34, Kartsa wrote:
>> VOMP plugin is actually quite good and I have been using it with my
>> "second" TV in the bedroom. One of the best thigs about it is that  
>> it's
>> so small :)
>> The problem is it does not support subtitling which is a must in  
>> Finland
>> (I forgot to add that in my original post).
>> How about the other MediaMVP related output methods (MediaMVP Plugin,
>> MVPServer, MVPVdr). Do they support subtitles?
>> \\Kartsa

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