Rolf Ahrenberg and myself are pleased to announce the first release of
joint effort plugin which turns VDR into a full-blown IPTV receiver.

IPTV plugin implements an additional VDR device which provides all the
functionalities of DVB cards such as live viewing, recording, epg etc.
The plugin is capable of receiving MPEG transport streams via various
network protocols, such as UDP/RTP multicast and HTTP. Also file input
is supported. The plugin is tested with streamdev-server, VLC and IPTV
stream provided by a local internet service provider.

Minimum required VDR version is 1.5.10. The plugin also includes a patch
to VDR core to allow plugin specific channels to be added to
channels.conf. The patch is designed to be as generic as possible to be
beneficial for other projects as well, for example analog and pvrinput
plugins. We are also hoping to see the patch integrated into the core
VDR later on.

More details and the plugin package can be found from the
plugin homepage:


Antti Seppälä

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