On Tuesday 16 Oct 2007, Stuart Morris wrote:
> According to the MVPvdr website
>   http://www.rst38.org.uk/mediamvp/mvpvdr.html
>   there appears to be no way to set timers so I have never been tempted
>   to try it out.
>   I failed to get an early version of the MediaMVP plugin to work many
> years ago.
>   Vomp is still being developed so maybe you should join the forum
>   http://www.loggytronic.com/forum/

Vomp seems to work quite well. I have an older (H2) MediaMVP which I use 
on a tele' upstairs, mainly for watching recordings but live TV also 
works. I think it does have the ability to set timers (on the remote vdr 
server) but I've never tried that.

I also have a newer (H4) MediaMVP which I've never managed to get to work 
but I think it's meant to. These things load a firmware using TFTP when 
you boot them and they seem quite picky about which files they will 
download (or not in the case of the newer one!).

It was fairly easy to set the older one up but you do need a DHCP server 
(to point the MediaMVP at a TFTP server) and a TFTP server to serve the 
firmware. Both of these are built in to the vompserver plugin but I never 
managed to get them to work! I'm already running a DHCP server on a 
different machine so I'm using that to point the MediaMVP at my main vdr 
box which is running a stand-alone TFTP server.

Might sound complicated but it works (at least for the older one!).

Some things it is missing (as far as I can tell) are trickspeed playback 
and editing functions, and some of the remote buttons do different things 
from how I've got my main vdr remote set up. It allows playback of 
recordings to be resumed but it uses its own resume files, so if you are 
halfway through watching a recording on the real vdr system, it will 
replay from the beginning on the vomp box!

I'm not sure I'd want it as my main way of using vdr (lacks some useful 
features) but is very good for use as a second system. Also much quieter 
than the old PC I had as a second vdr system upstairs!



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