Laz kirjoitti:
> On Tuesday 16 Oct 2007, Stuart Morris wrote:
>> According to the MVPvdr website
>>   there appears to be no way to set timers so I have never been tempted
>>   to try it out.
>>   I failed to get an early version of the MediaMVP plugin to work many
>> years ago.
>>   Vomp is still being developed so maybe you should join the forum
> Vomp seems to work quite well. I have an older (H2) MediaMVP which I use 
> on a tele' upstairs, mainly for watching recordings but live TV also 
> works. I think it does have the ability to set timers (on the remote vdr 
> server) but I've never tried that.
> I also have a newer (H4) MediaMVP which I've never managed to get to work 
> but I think it's meant to. These things load a firmware using TFTP when 
> you boot them and they seem quite picky about which files they will 
> download (or not in the case of the newer one!).
> It was fairly easy to set the older one up but you do need a DHCP server 
> (to point the MediaMVP at a TFTP server) and a TFTP server to serve the 
> firmware. Both of these are built in to the vompserver plugin but I never 
> managed to get them to work! I'm already running a DHCP server on a 
> different machine so I'm using that to point the MediaMVP at my main vdr 
> box which is running a stand-alone TFTP server.
> Might sound complicated but it works (at least for the older one!).
> Some things it is missing (as far as I can tell) are trickspeed playback 
> and editing functions, and some of the remote buttons do different things 
> from how I've got my main vdr remote set up. It allows playback of 
> recordings to be resumed but it uses its own resume files, so if you are 
> halfway through watching a recording on the real vdr system, it will 
> replay from the beginning on the vomp box!
> I'm not sure I'd want it as my main way of using vdr (lacks some useful 
> features) but is very good for use as a second system. Also much quieter 
> than the old PC I had as a second vdr system upstairs!
As I said, I have a MediaMVP and Vompserver running. Have had for some 
time now (six months or so). The biggest problem is the lack of support 
for subtitles. And I agree that as with the current properties I am not 
going to use this as my main device. And you can not edit timers with it 
only wiev them. Also I would like for the resume to be possible while 
changing from vdr to mediamvp or vv. But anyway it is good for as a 
second device in the bedroom. It's small and makes no sound and you can 
use it for wieving live tv or recordings.

And for Stuart, I joined the forum a long time ago :)

Still remains to be answered if anyone has tried MVPVdr?


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