I'm pleased to announce maintenance release 0.7.12 today, which adds
support for VDR-1.5.10. You can find it on my homepage:



2007-10-17: Version 0.7.12

- Updated INSTALL and MANUAL accordingly.
- Added support for VDR-1.5.10's new key kSubtitles and fixed a
  deadlock due to setting audio volume when changing the primary
- Added a new configuration option "Connection interacts with EIT
  scanner" as requested by Boguslaw Juza (see MANUAL for details).
- Added some patches to xine-lib regarding H.264 support, as
  FFmpeg's decoder improved very much during the past weeks. It
  supports now multithreaded decoding (you need to enable at
  least 2 threads in xine-ui to make use of it) and almost
  complete PAFF support which is used for interlaced images.
  These new features are only available, when xine-lib is
  configured to use an external FFmpeg installation.
- Added support for VDR-1.5.9's OSD levels.
- Fixed compiler warnings when compiled with gcc-4.2.x (thanks
  to Joerg Bornkessel for suppling the patch).
- Exchanged noSignal.pes (thanks to Markus Nissl for supplying
  the new image).

2007-08-30: Version 0.7.11

- Added preliminary support for OSD changes in VDR-1.5.9.
- Added preliminary support for H.264 streams. xine uses FFmpeg for
  H.264 decoding and as the decoder isn't rock stable at the moment
  and doesn't support all H.264 features like interlacing, it is
  likely that some frames do not get decoded or moreover that xine
- Removed some unnecessary calls to clear xine's buffer when
  switching between pause and play.
- Spent a lot of time fixing some issues in xine-lib. Integrated
  a big bunch of my xine-lib patch into xine-lib-1.1.8. All patches
  are now part of xine-lib-1.2.
- Added the opportunity to change xine's volume in software, like
  when changing xine's config option gui.audio_mixer_method to
  Software (thanks to Halim Sahin for the request).
- Added the possibility to configure different zoom settings for
  4:3 and 16:9 images, which are automatically activated when xine
  signals a format change (thanks to Detlef Nebermann for the


Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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