Tony Grant wrote:

> First a question asked on the Forum that did not get a reply:
>       - PCM volume is being turned down to 0 which is very annoying
> Where do I change these settings?
> SetDigitalAudioDevice: 0
> SetAudioChannelDevice: 0

These commands from VDR don't change the volume. Have a look for

        SetVolumeDevice: 175

In vdr-xine's setup menu, you can control how vdr-xine handles volume

An excerpt from vdr-xine's MANUAL:

Control xine's volume: Yes (by hardware)

Allows you to control whether xine shall honor VDR's set volume
requests. You
might need this if you have a special setup (e. g. external audio decoder or
amplifier) where changing the volume in xine might mute external audio:

* No
  xine isn't instructed to change the volume.
* Yes (by hardware)
  xine will change the volume by changing the hardware mixer (won't work
  when using a digital audio output).
* Yes (by software)
  xine will change the volume by using it's internal software mixer (should
  work even when using a digital audio output).

Muting: Simulate

Lets you choose among several options how xine shall process VDR's muting

* Ignore
  Muting respectively unmuting requests will be ignored.
* Execute
  Muting respectively unmuting requests will be executed.
* Simulate
  Muting is simulated by setting volume to 0. Unmuting is simulated by
  restoring the previous volume.

  NOTE: This happens even if "Control xine's volume" is set to "No"!

> The new versions of VDR and xine plugin:
>       - xine CPU usage is up 10% from 35% to 45% on my Epia M10000. I am
> using xine-lib 1.1.8 and the CVS version of xine-ui (I could not log
> into CVS this morning to get xine-lib)

Do I get it right: it increased from 10% to 35% - 45%?

>       - when it works it seem very fluid and zapping seems faster

... seems faster than what?

>       - any attempt at using the xine configuration dialog results in a lock
> up

Cannot reproduce this here.

>       - vdradmin 3.6.0 am has problems staying connected to VDR

I'm sorry, I do not have any test results here so far.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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