Hello VDR community

IPTV plugin developers are proud to present a new release of the plugin.
This plugin is our attempt to transform VDR into a full-blown IPTV receiver.

This version features numerous small bug fixes and enhancements and one
major new feature: Support for external streaming applications.
In short this means that reception capabilities are not limited only to
MPEG1/2 TS. Instead you can do all sorts of wild and crazy
things with IPTV limited only by external application support and
transcoding performance.

For example we have successfully used VLC media player to receive and
feed mp3 internet radio stream to the IPTV plugin. VDR will then receive
this data and handle it as any other radio channel. Also reception of
various video formats such as Windows media mms streams is working with
VLC and IPTV plugin.

Head to the plugin homepage for instructions and downloads:


Antti Seppälä

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