Hi all!

I have a problem with my VDR setup (c't VDR 6): I currently use a DVB-S
TT 2.3 card as output device (no dish/LNB attached) and a DVB-T Nova-T
as input device for UK freeview channels. That works just fine.

Now I want to add a second Nova-T so I can record and watch something
else at the same time.

But as soon as the second DVB-T card is inside the machine, I cannot
record anything anymore.

I think there's two problems:
1. I am trying to use the antenna out on one Nova-T to pass the signal
   through to the second. That does not seem to work and the second card
   does not find any signal when using channelscan. This is something I
   need to figure out myself. But
2. even if I am watching a channel and a timer starts on that very
   channel, VDR goes into the endless restart loop. I'm guessing it is
   trying to tune into the channel on the other card, but why?

I guess the ultimate question is: once I've sorted the antenna out (I
guess I'll buy a splitter or something), will it just work?


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