On Monday, 22. Octoberta 2007 21:48:29 Jan Exner wrote:
> 2. even if I am watching a channel and a timer starts on that very
>    channel, VDR goes into the endless restart loop. I'm guessing it is
>    trying to tune into the channel on the other card, but why?
> I guess the ultimate question is: once I've sorted the antenna out (I
> guess I'll buy a splitter or something), will it just work?

I have 3x DVB-C cards and at start, I had same type of problem..  Spliting 
cable with T-splitters make signal so weak (and chaining cards made it too) 
that one of the cards couldn't "tune" to wanted channel --> restart loop..

So I invested little money (20€) and bougth 1 in 8 out amplifier.. No I can 
connect 8 devices (TV cards, TV, what ever) and every one of them get equal 
good signal.


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