I'm pleased to announce the long awaited release 0.8.0, which integrates
the vdr-xine-network patch. You can find it on my homepage:


Excerpt from HISTORY:

2007-10-24: Version 0.8.0

- Frame duration was not set correctly in xine-lib for H.264
  frames, causing frame drops an non fluent playback.
- Added network patch (thanks to Tobias Grimm for supplying it).
  Although I had planned to optimize it to just use one port and
  only two sockets, I decided to release it in its current state
  instead of waiting further years. I've just modified it to use
  a more xine-like MRL netvdr://host:port#demux:mpeg_pes where
  port is optional (defaults to 18701). The fifo MRL should now
  be written vdr://tmp/vdr-xine/stream#demux:mpeg_pes, although
  a single slash will still work, too.
- Updated et_EE.po (thanks to Arthur Konovalov for supplying
  the file).
- Fixed a bug in vdr-xine's buffer handling for live TV mode
  which got most noticeable when switching back from a H.264
  channel to a MPEG2 channel, especially when the machine was
  not capable of playing the H.264 stream in real time. As the
  buffer was not cleared when switching channels, old H.264
  data was sent to xine instead of new MPEG2 data, which caused
  xine to incorrectly switch to H.264 mode. This behavior could
  lead to a crash in FFmpeg later.
- Fixed OSD handling in vdr-xine as certain subtitles could cause
  a memory corruption in xine (thanks to Arthur Konovalov for
  providing sample recordings).


Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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