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> The picture was very good, but there was dropped frames that xine
> reported and the stuttered on occassion and then ran very quickly to
> catch up. Playing around with the settings in xine (setting threads to
> 2 etc) didn't really make much difference. However, for the first time
> I've spent playing with this I was impressed with the picture quality
> out of VDR. Top reported that the CPU was ~40% idle so I don't know
> why I saw dropped frames...

Frame duration wasn't set at all in xine-lib for this case. xine-lib-1.2
contains now a fix for this issue. The fix is part of vdr-xine-0.8.0's
xine-lib.patch for xine-lib-1.1.8, too.

> One other thing I noticed though was when using XVMC (-V xxmc) to view
> normal MPEG2 channels the VDR OSD looked terrible (very blockly
> looking) and playing with the settings in the xine plugin did not make
> it better. Any recommendations on improving this? When using MPEG4
> (i.e. software accel)  the OSD was fine.

xxmc's OSD support allows only 16 colors. I assume, you've enabled font
antialiasing in VDR, which requires much more than 16 colors. This is
the case for hardware accelerated MPEG2 decoding. For H.264, xxmc falls
back to xv where there is no such limitation.

You may also want to try to choose unscaled OSD in vdr-xine's setup
menu, which renders the OSD on top of the video image, using libX11. It
is therefore not limited to 16 colors but doesn't support OSD
transparency at all.

Dipl.-Inform. (FH) Reinhard Nissl

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