Antti Seppälä schrieb:
> BTW. we've actually been looking into adding support for receiving rtsp
> streams and while it is more laborous than other protocols I think
> implementing it would be entirely possible.

I have an experimental version of my streamplayer plugin that allows to 
use RTSP streaming, based on the liblivemedia library. Though this is 
not fully working yet due to mysterious stream throughput issues, I 
think that the decision to use liblivemedia as protocol layer is a good 
way to go. Basically, you provide the URL, pick the wanted sub-streams, 
and liblivemedia delivers video and audio as separate data streams.
If you're interested, I can share my work-in-progress source code. 
(well, not much progress lately...)

> Testing is a bit hard since
> I'm not aware of suitable mpeg2 rtsp -stream providers. Are there any
> publicly available?

The vlc player with its integrated vlm server (aka. telnet interface) is 
a good starting point, as it provides RTSP VoD sources with the ability 
of play/pause and seek. I'm not sure, but I think vlm can also stream 
live streams. And even on-the-fly transcoding works.



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