Segers,Jan J.K.T. wrote:
> so iptv  opens vlc to transcode the stream as soon as i tune to the
> stream channel and stops with transcoding as soon as i leave the
> stream channel?

Yes that's the intended behavior.

> to be honest, i did not make that many tests. i just tryed to prepare
>  my vdr for this new streaming possibility. maybe i should focus on 
> reading your new README ;)
> anyway, i dont need rtsp support if multiple windows media streams 
> will work on demand. i hope i got it right.

Please have a look at the example script provided with
iptv plugin. This script can be used as a good starting point when
adding vlc transcoded channels.

We'll also try to clarify the README to avoid further misunderstandings. =)

Antti Seppälä

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