On 11/02/07 10:40, JJussi wrote:
> Hi!
> I just changed to 1.5.10.
> I set at Install - DVB menu subtitles on, selecting "Fin - Eng - Sve" as 
> three 
> subtitles types (yes, I have tried just one, Fin - too)
> I set at Keymacros.conf one "User"-key to Subtitles
> When I go to channel (YLE 1/YLE 2) what uses subtitles, I get OSD info " DBV 
> Subtitles", pressing Enter removes that text. But can not see any subtitles 
> at screen.
> Pressing that "User" key brings information that there is subtitles (Fin) at 
> present and it is selected, but still no subtitles..
> Have I forget to do something?!?

DVB subtitles don't work correctly in live mode in VDR 1.5.10.

Meanwhile I found that it works ok if you change the line

  ts2pes[numTracks++] = new cTS2PES(*SPids++, resultBuffer, IPACKS, 0x00, 0x20 
+ n++);

in remux.c to

  ts2pes[numTracks++] = new cTS2PES(*SPids++, resultBuffer, 30000, 0x00, 0x20 + 


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