Simon Baxter wrote:
>>>>>> I have one box which I share between two LCD screens.  One attached to
>>>>>> the
>>>>>> VGA (using vdr-xine output) and the other attached to the composite
>>>>>> output
>>>>>> of my TT-2300 dvb-c card.
>>>>>> Can I switch outputs without reconfiguring/restarting VDR?
>> I'm using xdtv (or tvtime) to see the VDR output on the LCD monitor, and
>> the composite output of the FF card is connected to the TV. There's no
>> output switching involved, both outputs work at the same time.
> Huh?  I must be missing something.  How do you get VDR to output on the FF 
> card and output to xdtv simultaneously?  Are you also getting VDR menus on 
> both outputs too? 

Yes, sure, menus and everything, just like on the normal FF card output. 

xdtv uses /dev/v4l/video0 to get the video data and puts it on the
xvideo overlay of your graphics card. See the output of xvinfo to find
the right xv port, then use e.g. "xdtv -xvport 74". If you don't have a
free xv port, xdtv still displays a picture, but fullscreen zoom
apparently is not possible.


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