On 11/03/07 14:49, Ville Aakko wrote:
> Hi!
> Anybody using vdr-1.5.10, dxr3 and subtitles?
> I'm (trying to) use it, but all subtitles have the lines caused by
> "too many colors in a region". I can't find the dxr3-compatibility
> option that used to be there in the plugin. I have disabled
> antialiasing in vdr's OSD settings.
> Anybody got dxr3 working with subtitles properly in this version?
> Perhaps there's a patch somewhere I haven't found? Or the setup option
> is hidden somewhere I couldn't find it? Or, maybe it hasn't been
> implemented yet in vdr-1.5.10 at all?

VDR reduces the colors if the output device can't display all of them.

Maybe the dxr3 device doesn't correctly respond to the CanHandleAreas()

See cDvbSubtitleConverter::FinishPage(), the calls to sr->ReduceBpp()
and sr->ShrinkBpp().


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