Dear Fritz!Box- and VDR-Users,

a new version of the Fritz!Box Plugin is available at

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The Fritz!Box Plugin connects to your Fritz!Box to inform you about
incoming calls. The plugin can automatically mute or pause VDR when a
call comes in.

Via VDR's main menu you can browse your Fritz!Box phone book, the call
lists and initiate calls out of all lists.

- - -

The last changes are:
- code restructuring and cleanup, preparation for multiple phonebooks etc.
- resorted includes for gcc-2.95
- in cMenuCallDetail::SetText(): std::string::npos is not a uint,
  using std::string::size_type instead
  (patch provided by Axel [15])
- cFritzListener::Action(): using -1 in memset to be compatible with
  its arg type
  (patch provided by Axel [15])
- added missing copyright notices in all sources
  (reported by Thomas [16])
- implemented reverse lookup phonebook via
- new setup-page for configuring a list of used phonebooks and the
order in which
  they are accessed while resolving numbers to names; in the phonebook view
  the first displayable phonebook in this list is shown
- adapted README accordingly
- the call list is now fetched asynchroneously at startup,
  avoiding the delay in the menu; to keep it up to date, it is
  reloaded after every call automatically
- new makefile target "srcdoc" to generate source code documentation
- Improved the 'i18n' target in the Makefile to avoid unnecessary work
as suggested by

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