Thanks for the quick answer. I actually forgot to remove the old xxvd
from /etc/init.d, so it pointed to my old (removed) xxv installation.

XXV now starts up and, according to the logfile, reads the recordings
(there are plenty of them) but finally fails with this line:

"1022 (550) [2007-11-04 19:12:30] Modification of a read-only value 
attempted at /usr/local/lib/xxv/ line 154."

As a quick hack I commented out the mentioned line (logging) and XXV
seems to run for now...


Andreas Brachold wrote:
> Hi,
> Karsten Müller wrote:
>> Hi, I just installed the latest XXV and it keeps dying after a second
>> or so. The installation went flawless, all required modules seem to
>> be installed.
>> The Logfile says:
>> 12 (501) [2007-11-04 17:55:44] Event: loop without active watchers at 
>> /usr/local/bin/xxvd line 265
> I can't see any message like 
> ...
> 40 (250) [2007-11-04 10:13:14] Load modul XXV::MODULES::HTTPD(1172)
> ...
> Maybe is your path to folder with moduls are wrong or missed.
> See /etc/init.d/xxvd and adjust --moduledir=$FOLDER/lib/XXV/MODULE
> There should and other modules located.
> Your could set verbose level to 5 for more details at log files.
> ( See /etc/init.d/xxvd and adjust like --verbose=5 )
> Andreas

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