En/na Reinhard Nissl ha escrit:
> Hi,
> I'm pleased to announce the long awaited release 0.8.0, which integrates
> the vdr-xine-network patch. You can find it on my homepage:

I finally upgraded to this version (from 0.7.6 + network patches, I 
think I tried some other version but with similar problems as this one), 
but using it from the network (I cannot try it locally, so I don't know 
if it applies), live tv stutters (i.e. plays smooth for around a second, 
stops or slows down for a moment, plays for a second, stops, and so on).
Recordings are not affected by this problem (or so it seems).
The same version of xine (20070829224000, downloaded from your page, 
with the patches in vd-xine) on the client against streamdev-server 
plays smoothly.


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