Dear Fritz!Box- and VDR-Users,

a new version of the Fritz!Box Plugin is available at

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The Fritz!Box Plugin connects to your Fritz!Box to inform you about
incoming calls. The plugin can automatically mute or pause VDR when a
call comes in.

Via VDR's main menu you can browse your Fritz!Box phone book, the call
lists and initiate calls out of all lists.

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The last changes are:
2007-11-11: Version 0.0.9
- added cHttpClient for handling HTTP requests; removing end of file detection
  in caller classes
- improved cCallList parser to work around lines starting with '#'
  (as found in current Fritz!Box Labor Firmware version)
- call list now works with Fritz!Box Beta-Firmware 29.04.44-9163
  (reported by Ryker [20])
- this may fix problems with firmware CH/A FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7140
Version 39.04.43 too
  (reported by Joe [19])
- Fritz!Box phonebook supports new Fritz!Box Beta-Firmware 29.04.44-9163
  (only one number per name is supported for now)
- all communication to the Fritz!Box Webinterface is now protected
with a mutex to
  avoid conflicts of concurrent request from different threads
- retry delay on communication failures is now increased up to one hour
  to avoid flooding the syslog
- added missing translation in i18n.c to support still-popular old
versions of vdr
  (reported by Torsten [17])
- some firmware version do not sort the telephone book, the plugin now sorts the
  entries itself
- removing '!' prefix when displaying Fritz!Box telephonebook VIP-entries
  (suggested by Oliver [18])
- supporting multiple phone numbers per entry in newest Fritz!Box
firmware versions
  > added new column in phonebook view, marking (H)ome, (M)obile and (W)ork
  > on incoming calls this type is shown as well
  > this is ignored for older firmware versions
- fixed a segfault when accessing the plugins main menu with no
telephonebook selected
  (reported by Thomas [16])
- the call details menu now issues a reverse lookup if the name of the caller
  is not known yet

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