On 21:03:29 Nov 11, Reinhard Nissl wrote:
> I recall this behavior when I had a FF card for testing. Maybe it's a
> feature to stop flickering one pixel high horizontal lines in still
> images by doubling one field of the frame. Maybe there exists a switch
> to turn this feature off.
> You've tried to repeat an I frame forever. Try to remove the sequence
> end code (00 00 01 B7) from the end of the file before mplexing and the
> MPEG program end code (00 00 01 B9) from the file after mplexing. Maybe
> remove everything up to the first video PES packet from the final file.

I have no idea what you guys are talking about but have you looked at
mencoder and mplayer's filters?

Or transcode?

There are quite a few filters and smoothing algorithms that you might
like to make use of to remove the jagged effect or other artifacts.

The bmovl filter might be helpful here.

Or is it some bug in MPEG or DVB implementation?

I dunno...


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