I am wondering whether it would be possible to use full names instead of 
abbreviations for languages in audio and subtitle selectors? I am also 
wondering how the current solution gets the name/abbreviation for an 
option in the list, since at least for subtitles there seems to be 
something wrong. For Finnish subtitles I get the abbreviation "fin" for 
live TV and recordings made with VDR version >= 1.5.10. Same for Swedish 
  subtitles. But for a program which contains Finnish and Spanish 
subtitles, I get "fin" and "50" or, even more confusing, "fin" and 
"fin". And for recordings made with the old subtitles plugin and VDR 
version prior to 1.5.10 with Finnish subtitles, the option given says "57".

I feel this is a bit confusing, and was hoping to change it, but 
unfortunately I cannot figure out the method how the names for the 
option are chosen. So, I am hoping for someone to clarify how it is done 
and whether it could be easily changed.


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