On 11/13/07 00:12, Petri Helin wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
>> On 11/12/07 20:11, Petri Helin wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I am wondering whether it would be possible to use full names instead of 
>>> abbreviations for languages in audio and subtitle selectors? I am also 
>>> wondering how the current solution gets the name/abbreviation for an 
>>> option in the list, since at least for subtitles there seems to be 
>>> something wrong. For Finnish subtitles I get the abbreviation "fin" for 
>>> live TV and recordings made with VDR version >= 1.5.10. Same for Swedish 
>>>   subtitles. But for a program which contains Finnish and Spanish 
>>> subtitles, I get "fin" and "50" or, even more confusing, "fin" and 
>>> "fin". And for recordings made with the old subtitles plugin and VDR 
>>> version prior to 1.5.10 with Finnish subtitles, the option given says "57".
>>> I feel this is a bit confusing, and was hoping to change it, but 
>>> unfortunately I cannot figure out the method how the names for the 
>>> option are chosen. So, I am hoping for someone to clarify how it is done 
>>> and whether it could be easily changed.
>> The three letter language codes are derived from the codes broadcast
>> in the PID definitions (see pat.c under 'case SI::SubtitlingDescriptorTag:').
>> The full names are derived from the EPG's component descriptors (see
>> eit.c under 'case SI::ComponentDescriptorTag:').
>> When it comes to presenting these to the user, they are collected in
>> menu.c, function SetTrackDescriptions(). If no textual description
>> is available, the raw index of the track is used.
>> So VDR just displays what the provider broadcasts - unless, of course,
>> there is a bug in VDR's code, in which case you're welcome to send a
>> fix.
> Well, it seems to work with live TV, but for replay it does not. At 
> least I am unable to see any evidence of VDR looking up the language 
> codes. Is there an alternative method VDR uses when replaying compared 
> to the one used with live TV?

Please check whether the info.vdr file in your recording contains lines

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