On 18.11.2007 17:01, Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Maybe it actually is about time for me to build a new VDR.
> I'll probably take a look at the Reel Extension HD PCI.
> But that means I'll also need a new motherboard with at least
> five PCI slots (for 3 DVB-S cards, 1 DVB-T and the Extension HD).
> On my desktop PC I'm using a passively cooled Pentium M with 1.86GHz,
> which works really good, so maybe that's also a viable choice for
> a new VDR. I guess it goes without saying that modern motherboards
> have a gigabit Ethernet port and graphics on board.
> Does anybody have a recommendation for such a board?

There exist PCIe -> PCI converters, the one my local dealer offers 
converts one PCIe to 4xPCI. (Price-point is about 150 EUR IIRC)

AFAIK there are no specific limitations to which PCI-card can be used in 
that thing.

So it shouldn't be a problem to get enough PCI-Slots even with recent 
mainboard that mainly have 3/3 PCIe/PCI and last but not last 1 PEG.

Bis denn

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