> Besides, I don't think
> that many users are still using some ancient pc with a slow cpu 
> like Klaus has.  

I've been using a IBM Netstation, 266mhz, 128 mb ram with a FF dvb-s and a aver 
771 dvb-t. It worked FLAWLESSY ! I could record 2 streams and play a third one, 
the OSD was slow but recording were ok. (At the time I used ~1 Ghz AMD and 
Intel chip and chipsets that were not able to handle the load !!!!)

Now it has hardware and software problems... I will solve as soon as I have 

Aver 771 doesn't work anymore, don't know why, it doesn't lock any signal. Also 
in a Windows PC. I just bought an USB stick, I'm looking for a PCI-USB2 adapter.

I upgraded the ram to 256 and then upgraded from suse 9 to 10.3.... that is a 
bloated S.o. that takes forever to do anything....


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