which freetype version/Distribution use you?

Some medium fresh FreeType versions have a bug with SPACE symbol 32 DEC.
In UTF8 patch for vdr 1.4 there is a workaround for this.

Ville Aakko schrieb:
> Hi Jan,
> Just in case "vdr: [3936] ERROR: FreeType: error during
> FT_Render_Glyph 32, 3" is not caused by this / VDR does not crash
> because of that (I'm not getting that error), I've noticed that VDR
> does not start at all if I enable text2skin. It used to work in
> vdr-1.5.10 but not in 1.5.11 anymore, VDR just dies if I enable it. In
> the logs I get this:
> Nov 18 20:01:35 VillenVDRdevil kernel: em8300_video.o: Video sync
> rdptr is stuck at 0x0000dc01, wrptr 0x0000dcfb, left 250
> Nov 18 20:01:35 VillenVDRdevil kernel: em8300_video.o: Video sync timeout
> And then VDR dies. If I disable it and use skinsoppalusikka instead,
> everything is OK. It even seems more stable (i.e. as stable as
> text2skin) than it used to, though I haven't done extensive testing
> yet.
> I'm on Gentoo, though. I'm having strange problems there with my dxr3
> and >VDR-1.5.10 that other people on other distros don't. This could
> be one of those.
>  - Ville

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