Some other vision of next generation HTPC

>LinuxMCE announced plans for new release which should be out at the end of 
>- using Kubuntu 7.10;
>- support both 32-bit and 64-bit;
>- improved MythTV version;
>- working version of VDR (!);
>- full support 1080p, HD-DVD and Blue-Ray
>Think it's time to switch from Plutohome to LinuxMCE.

So if LinuxMCE is finally having a decent VDR support, I think that is very 
viable future solution. Have you seen how LinuxMCE works? Look at Youtube. 
Warning: LinuxMCE has a lot of unneeded features, inherited from PlutoHome.

But still from VDR side what is needed this to work. I think a working H.264 
and DVB-S2 (and DVB-T2 in future) support to record shows, and let LinuxMCE 
show them. So lets let VDR to record every kind of stream to disk if user 

I used to use VDR to record [EMAIL PROTECTED] from Euro1080, and used Windows 
machine (which had the horsepower) to look at content, and to see benefits of 
HDTV. When you see the technical quality of HDTV there is no way back to SDTV. 
Content is the same, but razor sharp images on a big screen..

I am satisfied with VDR's stability and its ability to record shows. UI is 
something from 80's. :) LinuxMCE seems like viable future, only if gyro mouses 
very more easily available.

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