On Thu, Nov 22, 2007 at 01:56:10PM +0200, Füley István wrote:
> Hello list,
> I followed the recent messages about the future of VDR with great interest 
> .
> I would like to share my recent experiences about HDTV. As I consider 
> myself to be open for "new technologies" like HDTV is now, I recently 
> bought an HDTV receiver.
> It doesn't matter who produced it, I think my hardware is an average HDTV 
> setup for 2007: a DVB-S2, MPEG4, H264 compatible receiver with a 1368x768 
> LCD display.

Oops, that's really not so good... one can't comment about HDTV with a
resolution which is not full HDTV : 1920x1080...

> My first impressions are: yes, it looks better, than SDTV. Some say the 
> difference is comparable with the B/W - color one, well, I don't think so. 
> I don't see any reason to watch a news or a serial in HDTV. I think HDTV 
> would be fine for a couple of premium channels/package, for ex. a movie and 
> a sport channel, and the rest should remain in SD. Considering the huge 
> technical investment (20Mbit/sec/channel, high speed dedicated MPEG4 
> decoders, which consumes a lot of energy, HDready displays, etc), I'm not 
> sure it worths to watch a wheater report in HD.
> Compared to a well encoded 16:9 SDTV channel (for ex. ZDF), an HDTV picture 
> does not take my breath away.

Give a try to a REAL hdtv and recomment again ;-)
HDready displays are only crap from what I had see, one really need a
Full HD or there is no "good" reason at all to switch.
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