Lauri Tischler wrote:
> Füley István wrote:
>>> Oops, that's really not so good... one can't comment about HDTV with a
>>> resolution which is not full HDTV : 1920x1080...
>> Ok, this means that my setup is a low-end instead of being "average" as I 
>> stated before, therefore my considerations about HDTV was totally wrong.
>> But to buy a 1000+ Euro TV set? That's another reason for me to stay SD.
> Not really, FullHD also means large, minimum 42", it is quite senseless
> to to watch good picture on a postcard,  so you start at €1500

You forgot to add the €20,000 building an extension to your house, if 
you don't want your living room to be dominated by a 42" diagonal piece 
of plastic.

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