2007/11/21, Reinhard Nissl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> Ville Aakko schrieb:
> > On 18.11. I upgraded to
> > 1.5.11 from 1.5.10, and afterwards, ALL recordings with subtitles have
> > had these restarts. I get no such problems if I'm recording a channel
> > without subtitles or just watch a program with subtitles (or without).
> Release 1.5.11 fixed one subtitling issue and caused the issue you are
> seeing. In 1.5.12, the offending change has been reverted and the
> subtitling issue has been fixed by a different approach.

I'm going to downgrade to 1.5.10 since it used to work for me (1.5.12
isn't in the Gentoo vdr-1.5 overlay I'm using currently, so upgrading
is not an option).

Though, I did some investigations into this on my own. AFAICT, the
subtitle changes that were also discussed here were added to the
ebuild 1.5.11-r1 on the overlay on 11.11.
(vdr-1.5.11-ringbuffer-remux.diff). Are other patches besides
vdr-1.5.11-ringbuffer-remux.diff needed? I tried adding
vdr-1.5.11-subtitle_fixes.diff but it didn't fix this, I still get the
emergency exits (or, if I uncomment that feature, then all recordings
end prematurely, and I believe that the picture jerks in live views
but there hasn't been anything interesting enough to capture my
attention for the required 5-10 minutes during testing to verify

OTOH I don't see anyone mentioning anything about emergency exits in
the "vdr-1.5.11 & subtitling problems". Maybe what I encountered was a
different problem, after all?

 - Ville


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