I want to describe some minor problem in VDR: 
Short weekdays can't contain non ASCII-7 chars. Any other char is converted to 
UTF8 (it is correct) and cropped to 6 bytes (not UTF8 chars, incorrect). But 
this crop ignote UTF8 extensions.

This code make problem in menu.c (crop to 3+3=6 bytes):
asprintf(&buffer, "%.*s\t%s\t%c%c%c\t%s", 6, *event->GetDateString(), 
*event->GetTimeString(), t, v, r, event->Title());

Dirty fix only for CS language:
#. TRANSLATORS: abbreviated weekdays, beginning with monday (must all be 3 
msgid "MonTueWedThuFriSatSun"
#I must fix it to this
msgstr "Po Ut St Ct Pa So Ne "
#And correct text is this
#msgstr "Po Út St Čt Pá So Ne "

Have a nice day,

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