Hello list,

I'm building a VDR machine with Gentoo and VDR 1.4.6. I'm going to use 
VDR with the smartcard of the Dutch Canal Digitaal.
I already have a Common Interface slot, and now I need to buy a CAM.

Accoording to 
http://www.vdr-wiki.de/wiki/index.php/Conditional_Access_Modul there are 
some CAM's which are working with VDR. On the 
http://gathering.tweakers.net/forum/list_message/27016439#27016439 forum 
the Canal Digitaal MediaGuard CAM 
(http://webshop.canaldigitaal.nl/article.asp?articleId=15434) was 
described as "not very reliable", and I can't find it on the VDR wiki as 
well. The Matrix and Aston from the gathering.tweakers.net is found on 
the wiki, but is not supported by VDR.

On the wiki are the following CAM's which support SECA and SECA 2 and 
are supported by VDR:
AlphaCrypt Twin, Diabol Cam / Dragon Modul (Rev. 4.1) / T-Rex, Reality 
Cam, Super Joker, Zeta blau, Irdeto Access.

My question to you all is: Has anyone one of the above CAM's working 
with a standard VDR ?

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