I've prepared a patch that solves blue faces on saa7134 based card.

I've wrote it over vdr-plugin-analogtv-1.0.00 and is available on my home
server: http://tux.dpeddi.com/lr319sta/vdr/analogtv-20071204.diff

Included in this patch a minimal makefile for v4l2-ctl (I've renamed it to
vdr-v4l2ctl to avoid conflict)

This should be used to look what control ctrl are available for the card and
what is the maximum value of each control.

Then, with readed value you could fill out plugins.analogtv.conf with:

-b 255
-s 127
-c 127
-h 0

Since saa7134 card hasn't hue control, by setting -h 0 the hue control is
not displayed on plugin setup screen and the control is not initialized on
channel change.

Perhaps I could write a small post-install that use v4l2-ctl to initialize
automatically plugins.analogtv.conf.

My patch don't work over v4l(1.0), but I think v4l(1.0) support only few
cards brockertree based.

Regards, Eddi

P.S.: Tobias, you are welcome, if you wan't to add to your e-tobi.net

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