Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> Plugins can call SystemExec() just as well when the want to execute
> an external program.
Yes, but would you point every single developer on this issue?

> IMHO it is no feasible solution to expect every file handle to
> be opened with FD_CLOEXEC. Even if VDR itself would do this, there
> could still be plugins that don't.
It is enough to let VDR set this flag on its own file handles - the main 
problem is that while an external script/program is running and because 
of inherited DVB handles
- zapping is blocked
- a restart of VDR is impossible.

> I'd say if some plugin wants to run an external program, it needs
> to take care by itself that all unneeded file handles are closed.
> That's what SystemExec() is for.
Whatever - if you don't see the point I cannot help.


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