Dear Klaus and vdr folks.

I experience one possible bug and one missing function in regard to
cutting/editing recordings.

First, if there is an uneven number of cutting marks, and the last
mark is at the very end (last frame) of the recording, then editing
fails at this last mark, and the newly created edited recording gets
I suggest to change this to simply ignore any start mark that is at
the very end of the recording.

Second, if I have to edit a fistfull of recordings, I would expect
that the edit commands are queued and processed one after the other,
but it seems there is only one editing possible at one time:

edit 115
250 Editing recording "115" [15.09.07 20:11  raid~Filme~Star Trek~Star Trek - 
Der erste Kontakt]
edit 116
554 Editing process already active

Maybe is is possible to implement a queuing for this?

Thank you.

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