On Sat, 15 Dec 2007 15:48:21 +0100, Jose Alberto Reguero wrote
> This patch fix the error "Pid xxx not available" in the streamdev 
> plugin with VDR-VDR connection, that cause not tunning to the 
> channel. The problem is that sometimes, when cConnectionVTP::CmdADDP 
> is called, m_LiveStreamer is NULL, and then return an errorr. 
> m_LiveStreamer became null in cConnectionVTP::CmdABRT that is called 
> from cStreamdevDevice::CloseDvrInt called from cStreamdevDevice::CloseDvr.

Guess you refer to this problem:

I finally commited a workaround to CVS last week. The problem is caused by VDR
1.5.x clients, so I'd rather see this fixed on the client side. But thanks for
your efforts nevertheless! I added a reference to your posting in the bugreport.


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