Vdr 1.5.11-r1[1](12:19:48 15.12.2007)(cmdsubmenu cutterlimit cutterqueue 
cuttime ddepgentry dolbyinrec dvbplayer dvbsetup dvdarchive dvdchapjump 
dvlfriendlyfnames dvlrecscriptaddon dvlvidprefer graphtft hardlinkcutter iptv 
jumpplay liemikuutio livebuffer mainmenuhooks menuorg osdmaxitems sortrecords 
sourcecaps submenu syncearly timercmd timerinfo wareagleicon 
yaepg -debug -lnbshare -noepg -pinplugin -rotor -settime -setup -ttxtsubs 
-validinput -vanilla)           

When "permanent timeshift" is on I get "ring buffer overflows".  First I 
though that it's when I use memory to store timeshift information but it 
happened with hard disk saving too.                                             

Dec 15 16:33:28 htpc vdr: [14734] ERROR: 1 ring buffer overflow (177 bytes 
Dec 15 16:33:33 htpc vdr-sxfe[19902]: [20465] [input_vdr] No data in 8 
seconds, queuing no signal image
Dec 15 16:33:34 htpc vdr: [14734] ERROR: 13169 ring buffer overflows (2475772 
bytes dropped)
Dec 15 16:33:40 htpc vdr: [14734] ERROR: 14531 ring buffer overflows (2731828 
bytes dropped)
Dec 15 16:33:46 htpc vdr: [14734] ERROR: 18460 ring buffer overflows (3470480 
bytes dropped)

I remember that this was "issue" somewhere this year, spring time... But 


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