I had some issues with burn plugin and I was testing it via
xineliboutput (remote connection to VDR). Other things went nicely but
when there was a question for the operation (e.g. confirmation to remove
failed burn operation from the list) it was not shown (vdr-sxfe).
Question was shown in /var/log/messages and burn plugin was expecting an
answer which is never got and VDR paniced and made an emergency exit.

Questions seems to be working from VDR itself like removal of recordings
are shown nicely on remote client. So it seems to be a problem in burn

Setup (partly):
VDR v1.4.7
xineliboutput v1.0.0rc2
burn (cvs 2007-12-15)

VDR has been patched with RoFa's patches for subtitles and ttxtsubs and
of course with liemikuutio patch.

Br, Pasi

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