Igor schrieb:
> Hi
> would you somebody inform us about the current status of Extension HD PCI 
> card from ReelMultimedia
> http://www.reel-multimedia.de/shop/produ...223&language=en
> http://www.reel-multimedia.com/rmm-engli...xtension_hd.pdf
> http://www.directupload.net/images/070503/CjsyApL2.jpg
There are some cards out there, and one of them is mine  :) Do not 
believe the "deliverable in 2-3 days" in the shop. Ask the reel people 
about the card.

There are patches to use the card with the vdr. I only know german 
speaking resources:

This is a little bit outdated but gives an idea how it works.

here you find some newer patches by that obscure guy called baltasar :)

happy x-mas

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