I've been building a new fanless VDR box.  Would like to provide some 
feedback, and perhaps attract some comments and suggestions :)

Hardware: EPIA SP-1300 mounted in a low profile heatsink Serener GA-L01 
case, 120G 2.5" laptop drive (plus NFS share to central VDR 'recorder'), 1G 
DDR400 RAM and a TT-2300-C FF card + CI/CAM

Software: Fedora Core 8 (, vdr-1.5.12, plugins:mplayer/mp3, 
remote, vdr-xine, dvd, epgsearch

-Really quiet, which was the main purpose of this build.
-would have liked to take advantage of the motherboard MPEG2/4 features but 
am still having problems with xvmc/xxmc with vdr-xine - keep getting kernel 
"vmalloc" ERRORS
-no problems with vdr itself or the other plugins at this stage
-Mplayer playing via "mpegpes" has to run with the "slow cpu" switch in 
mplayer.sh.conf - even then some 900x700 XVID .avi files need 85% cpu.  So 
quality is not that flash
-not sure if I can use motherboard MPEG4 acceleration with output on the 
TT-2300 FF composite video out to improve cpu/heat usage?
-this combination of local VDR box in the lounge with remote 'recorder' 
isn't ideal - as all the timers are only available via the 'remote' menu

Cheers - and hope everyone had a great xmas! 

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